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In the previous segment, I shared with you a powerful thought of how the road is always the same, meaning, whether we are filled with courage, or filled with fear, anxiety, worry, or doubt (F.A.W.D.), it’s the same road we walk upon. I described how it’s the same perfect day ahead of us each morning, and that the difference is in our own perspective. So how do we start our day or a business task from a perspective of courage instead of doubt?

Now I’m going to share with you three methods that can act as your simple yet powerful game plan for business success. This action plan is yours to have at the ready. Use it to beat down the F.A.W.D. SQUAD. Use it to rise up and get back to growing your business. Use it even on days where you feel the weight of the world is upon you. Use it at the times you feel like you just can’t get started.

Note: I’m not talking about clinically diagnosed anxiety issues here. Individuals with such anxiety issues should seek advice from a medical professional.

Beyond the freedom that growing your business can bring, I want you to have the freedom that comes with not letting fear or anxiety run your life.

And maybe you’re doubting right now! Maybe you’ve struggled with anxiety or fear. Perhaps on a daily basis. Maybe you’re asking, “What can Dave (that’s me) tell me that would change anything?”

I can tell you because I’ve lived it (and still do, from time to time). I found myself taking two steps forward and sometimes six steps back. But again, I’m going to show you a great way you can instantly delete the anxiety, move past the fear, and how to set worry aside. You’ll be able to move forward and keep moving forward. And guess what? If it doesn’t work, if you can’t break through it or leave it behind, I’m going to show you that this isn’t a problem.

I’ll share with you one method that, if you’ll use it, you’ll be able to simply bring the F.A.W.D. SQUAD along with you and STILL get your most important business tasks completed (And by the way, once the anxious part of you realizes it can’t stop you, it will lose it’s power over time. Oh, it may show it’s ugly face every once in awhile, but even then, you’ll know exactly what to do).

Method #1: Tell the truth, and nothing but the truth.

Lots of business owners FEEL as much as they THINK. But these feelings can lead to a few challenges. First, we can want SOOOO badly for people to want what our business offers that we are constantly adding MORE. We try to make things appear bigger and better. Second, we can start to compare our worst to someone else’s best. Add overthinking everything to the mix and everything just stops. At least for awhile.

The cycle of comparison + never-good-enough produces feelings of fear or being unworthy. Not just inside our business, but within ourselves personally.

Instead, try this. Focus on describing the simple value your product, your service, or any content you’re creating for marketing has to offer. Start by identifying the most basic problem that you’re solving. In all of your marketing and descriptions, lead with that. Then follow with the most basic description of your product or service and how you solve the basic problem. Besides getting right-to-the-point, it will be a refreshing change in the marketplace to just, “Say it, don’t spray it,” so to speak.

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Now I’m not saying avoid your feelings. Oh, no, no, no! If you’re a person that feels as much as you think, you’ll be an true and honest asset to the world of business (and the world, itself). But work to avoid the temptation to compare or to make your business something it’s not. Try this and watch your business become less stressful. Heck, it may become as enjoyable and exciting as it was when you first started your business (be sure to write me afterward and let me know how things have changed for you and your business).

In the first segment I gave you an exciting shift in how you view each day (if you missed it, you can go back and read it now). In this second segment I showed you how to simplify the way you describe and sell what your business offers.

The next method may be the most powerful mind-shift of the three. I’ll share with you how to put a label on EVERYTHING that’s in front of you, and how to eliminate 95% of the stuff that worries you.

CONTINUE TO PART 3: How To Beat Anxiety & Worry In Business

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Originally published at https://getresultsclub.com on May 21, 2019.