Maybe it’s a dollar amount?

Or, the number of new sales you’re striving for?

Or how full your appointment book will be to bring on new clients?

Whatever the goal looks like, your next business goal should be something associated with creating revenue.

Here are 3 reasons why:

First, having a financial target keeps you…

You have a goal to reach — what tasks should you focus on to get where you want to go?

But how do you know what stuff is “the most important?”

Here’s an easy way to figure it out:


Yep, that’s it! What’s in the way?

The gaps that stand between your and your goal, that’s your most important stuff…

A lot of people are using Facebook Groups and calling it, “Accountability.”

There was a time when accountability was built into everything we did. Our parents, schools, and jobs, all were systems of accountability.

We lost those systems of support and accountability when we left to start our small business.

Are you doing what I used to do? Are you going from seminar to seminar, book to book (to book)? Soaking up information hoping it will help you grow your business?

Maybe you’re thinking, “What a weirdo! I mean, this guy writes this stuff but has links right in plain…

HOW you get things done in your business determines HOW MUCH you’ll actually accomplish.

Once you understand how you’re currently using your time you will be able to better manage your time, yourself AND your business. As a result, you’re more likely to see your business GROW!


Discover Your Small Business Productivity Type >>

These 10 easy questions are for YOU if…

  • You feel like you’re always running behind
  • You’re genuinely stuck in the swamps of business-
    growth mud, Or
  • You simply want to get more of the most important stuff done
    (like growing your business).

► Putting together a Freebie? How about a paid program? Problem is, IT’S ALREADY BEEN DONE!!

Don’t be alarmed… It’s just the 2015 Honda Odyssey in Charcoal Gray, all over again.

I’m talking about the fact that you think everyone else is doing what you’re doing, seen your type of…

Welcome to Part 3 of this 5-part series. We’ve been talking about destroying Fear, Anxiety, Worry, and Doubt. But what if we can’t destroy it? In Part 4, I’ll share with you how to get your most important work done in spite of this scrappy little gang I like to…

This Part 4 in our 5-part series. We’ve been talking about Fear, Anxiety, Worry, and Doubt… And how this nasty F.A.W.D. SQUAD doesn’t have to hold you back from growing your business.

In previous segments :

  1. I showed you how to start the day with a fresh, empowering perspective.
  2. I…

Fear, Anxiety, Worry, and Doubt… They don’t have to hold you back from growing your business.

I know, I know… we hear advice like, “Keep plugging away at your business and one day you’ll get the results you want.”

While persistence IS essential, it’s not enough on it’s own. I…

In the previous segment, I shared with you a powerful thought of how the road is always the same, meaning, whether we are filled with courage, or filled with fear, anxiety, worry, or doubt (F.A.W.D.), it’s the same road we walk upon. I described how it’s the same perfect day…


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